New online shop

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new online shop for the paper versions of GMA, the Graduate and Managerial Assessment series, and MOST. the Modern Occupational Skills Tests, in partnership with our printing and logistics partner X1 Ltd. We continue to hold prices at their 2008 level.

PRD drops CEB/SHL as reseller of GMA and MOST

We have decided to terminate the arrangement by which SHL Group Ltd, fromerly PreVisor Inc and recently merged into CEB, was permitted to resell GMA, the Graduate and Managerial Assessment Series, and MOST, the Modern Occupational Skills Tests, at a trade discount. More detail here.

About PRD

Psychometric Research & Development Ltd, universally known as PRD is a small specialist consultancy established in St.Albans, in 1985 by Dr Steve Blinkhorn.

Our focus is innovative work in areas which involve the interaction of people and systems, and as our name implies we have always been involved in assessment methods, including: psychometric test development and online testing.

We undertake projects involving difficult, often half-formulated, problems and requirements, and deliver effective and successful technical solutions.

We have a long and strong record of successful innovation in areas such as assessment and selection, job design, individual development and the like.

Our historic base is in assessment and human resource management. But we have also deployed our specialist technical skills in consumer preference research, specialist IT product design, software-based disaster simulation for corporate crisis management training, and wargaming.

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