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MOST, the Modern Occupational Skills Test series is now in a second, updated edition. The MOST tests are relevant to a wide range of office, clerical and technical jobs and tackle work skills which are relevant to real jobs - and manifestly so. All the tests have a believable work context, making them immediately more acceptable to applicants who are put off by tests that look as if their real home is an a 1950s classroom. Comparative validity studies have shown marked superiority of the MOST series over competing products.


Parts of MOST, including notably Decision Making and a combined Spelling, Grammar and Usage test, are now available online. Contact PRD with your requirements.

MOST paper version

The popular paper version of MOST has been published exclusively by PRD since January 2012, and was previously also distributed under licence by SHL. Prices are maintained by PRD as they were in 2008. Go to

Contact PRD for ordering information.