Psychometric Tests: Our Tests

PRD has created an unparalleled range and variety of tests both bespoke and for general publication, including those used for graduate recruitment.

Advances pioneered at PRD have led to increased validity in selection testing at the same time as dramatic reductions in adverse impact on minority groups (see Structured Learning Exercises).

Many organisations have commissioned bespoke psychometric tests from us: the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Northern Ireland Civil Service; the Construction Industry Training Board; Allied Irish Banks and SBC Warburg; Reed Employment and Manpower.

Our published tests are amongst the best known and most widely used: the ABLE series from OPP and GMA and MOST previously published by NFER-Nelson (ASE) and now available direct from PRD. Other tests which share characteristics with our published tests, and are designed specifically for online use are available from PRD.Contact PRD.

We have special experience with call centres. Call centre simulators (Simucall) , which teach the use of a fictitious call centre using voice on an ordinary PC and test the rate ond effectiveness of learning, have proved particularly successful in organisations such as Reed Employment and First Direct Bank.